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Anointed-class Battlecruiser by Afterskies Anointed-class Battlecruiser by Afterskies
Threshold of Hadrian Navy
Anointed-Class Battlecruiser


Classification: Battlecruiser

Length: 2,150m (7,034 ft)
Height: 476m (1561 ft)
Width: 290m (951 ft)
Crew: 3300 Enlisted, 850 Officers
Other: 1100 Disembarkable Marines and Equipment, 250 Orbital Drop Troopers

- 10x RRH-50BC 50inch Capital-Grade Mass Drivers (5 in each turret)
- 24x Belvoir Arms RRL-2BC 2.5inch Rapid fire Mass Drivers (2 in each turret)
- 1x RRH-100BC 100inch Capital-Grade Mass Driver (Axial Mount)
- 1x RRH-60BC 60inch Capital-Grade Mass Driver (Axial Mount)
- 66x Belvoir Arms GMH-5C “Cobra" Single-Missile Racks
-Crest & Sword Inc. "Claymore" EAC-80G Electronic Warfare Assault Suite

- 3.5mThick Titanium-G High Density Alloy
- Counter-Grav Barriers (2,850 PW/S Dispersion Rating)
- 90x Belvoir Arms RPL-35 3.5cm Particle Beam Repeaters (Deployable)
-1000 SMC-9 "Crusader" Counter-Missiles
-550 Plasma-chaff Decoys
- Crest & Sword Inc. "Stonewall" Electronic EDC-83BC Warfare, Deterrence, and Masking Suite

Support Craft
- 36x Dropships
- 90x OA Orbital Drop Pods
- Marine Support Equipment (Mission Variable)

Propulsion and Power
- 2x Whitten Z2BC Zero Point Energy Core – 20,000 PW output
- 1x Whitten NMBC-4 (rated for maximum velocity of 0.8c and acceleration of 1150g)
- 1x Whitten NMBC-4B-BKup (rated for maximum velocity of .6c and acceleration of 600g)
- 1x Whitten FTL-9BC Katsumi-Fujita Gravitic Drive Unit (Independent and Termini Interface Modes)

The Anointed-class was one of the first ships built for the Threshold of Hadrian Navy, and so still incorporates many of the original ideas considered to be practical on paper, but not in practice. However, once fortunate offshoot of this became extremely useful. A modified honeycomb design was employed, using more triangles and thicker armor where possible, as well as more heavy-base struts than commonly found, resulting in a ship that is considered to be an "Ol' Reliable" concept. While as of late found to be outclassed by newer battlecruisers, particularly that of the Alliance, the Anointed-class's reputation is that of an old dog that is still a formidable force, capable of pulling off miracles on the battlefield, taking far more force and a heavier beating than it would be thought possible.
Part of this is due to it's dual-bridges. Originally conceived to be a massive flagship for fleets of Ships-of-the-Lance, a large, somewhat showy - and well defended by point-defense, Flag Bridge was incorporated. It's removal from later ships of the class was saved by several cases of enemy ships actually blowing out the main internal bridge, the ship temporarily going "dead," only to minutes later surprising the once-thought victorious enemy with a close-range display of force as a surviving or entirely new impromptu command crew taking control.

As such, new tactics allow the Anointed-class to easily work together in small fireteams with other ships of the same, or even different class, which aided greatly in the Verge-Incursions, with teams of battlecruisers striking precisely during large ship-of-the-line battles, using their smaller size to their advantage, as they were not the initial targets of choice. In coordination with their heavy compliment of dropships and orbital troopers, this made them prime for launching boarding actions.

To counter boarding actions from taking control via the aft bay, large heavy bulkheads can easily be put into place to isolate vital areas.
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wbyrd Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
Ya know, I think my dinky 1000m dreadnaughts should avoid Chronicles of Man warships..they is BIG. I love the jutting lower extension of the bow of the ship, gives it a bit of attitude.

Seriously though, one round out of this ships spinal mount would reduce my largest ships to molten vapor. fortunately I don't plan any incursions into Chronicles space any time soon....
HandofManos Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent ship. Weird I havent seen more of your line of work ;)
Afterskies Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks; your work, however, far outclasses my own.
HandofManos Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I do like your work :) and to be honest it is quite well though out and looks very fitting in the CoM universe. Would be nice if you posted links of these on the forums ;)
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